Sunday, December 5, 2010


I woke up today feeling really well-rested. Then I looked at the clock and realized there was five minutes until church started. Oops. Needless to say, I was late to church today. Luckily Sacrament Meeting is last!

During Sacrament Meeting I randomly had all these ideas pop into my head about raising my future children. How to do Christmas in our home, how to help them develop personal relationships with Christ, how to help them live up to their potential... it was pretty fun getting all those ideas! I wrote them all down in my notebook so that I can save them and use them later.

After church I stuck around for choir practice. We have the best-sounding ward choir that I've ever heard! I was shocked! And pleased. I guess everyone has started coming now that it's Christmastime. It was a wonderful experience to participate, and to hear the strong harmonies, and to sing with soul. It was amazing! It was a good reminder to me of the power of music, and why I love it. It filled me with joy, and touched my soul.

My visiting teachers came after I got home. I have never had such consistent visiting teachers in my life! I love it.

Then I worked on the Scripture Sharing website I've been making. It can be visited at   I also worked on a few design details for this blog. All the pictures in the right column are links to awesome websites that I suggest visiting. =)

Went to the Christmas devotional by the First Presidency, and felt the Spirit there. Christmas is such an awesome time! I was able to brainstorm during the meeting about what kind of gifts to give this Christmas. I don't really have any money, so I'm having to get creative. Mostly it's gifts of time, service, or words. I'm excited. This is feeling like a really great Christmas season so far. I'm loving it!

The miracle I'm most grateful for today is personal revelation. The Lord is leading me! He gave me the idea of the things that I fasted for today. He gave me ideas of how to raise my future family. He helped me know what I could do for my friends and family for Christmas. He's been with me today, helping me understand His thoughts and His will and how I can come closer to Him. He's amazing.

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