Thursday, December 2, 2010

Increased Confidence

My miracle of the day is that when I sang in front of all the voice students today during Voice Recital hour, I didn't feel nervous. No shaking legs, no frantic feelings. I didn't sing amazingly, compared to everyone else, but I sang pretty good for me. And I was happy to listen to myself singing.  The fact that I wasn't nervous makes me really happy. One of my main desires is to grow more confident. To not be afraid of others opinions, or the opinions that I imagine they have. I want to be a humble, willing-to-take-correction, yet confident, happy person. And today was encouraging in that respect, seeing that I'm making progress, and was more confident today than I have been in the past. =)

My favorite thing about the Gospel and about life, is that people can change. Really change. For the better. That really is one of the best miracles of all.

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