Monday, November 23, 2015

The cutting of FaceBook and FaceBangs?

I would just like to report that I did not access social media on my phone today! I got on Facebook for exactly ten minutes in a browser on the home computer, which timed me and kicked me out at the right time. 

This is a big deal! There were several times I mindlessly went to the app and almost opened it, to scroll. There were many times I thought of things I wanted to post. It's an emotional challenge for me to not be on Facebook. Part of it is that when I don't have access to it, I feel isolated and like I've lost a friend. Or 800 friends. It's kind of weird. What has happened to my brain? I'm mostly surprised by the emotional response to not having it there for me. 

I have used my time more productively, though. Maybe too productively: I decided to cut my own bangs. Not sure I'll ever do that again. I am definitely a novice, and I'm just hoping I don't look ridiculous!

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