Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm Sorry Because...

We actually had a really good Family Home Evening tonight! After a few Mormon Messages videos, we had a lesson on apologizing. And it was really good! It came from something my dad read on Facebook. We talked about the four steps of apologizing, then practiced it, using real but not-too-serious examples. It went amazingly well. If we can keep it up, I think we'll definitely improve our relationships. Especially considering that forgiveness and humility are two of the mist important parts of a relationship. 

On another note, I want to buy that bike I tried a few weeks ago. I need a solid way to get out the stress I've been feeling a lot of lately. I feel like I have responsibilities and expectations pressing on me from every direction. I think I need to slow down... But purposefully. I just don't always know what can be cut out. I'll figure out something. Anyhow, I feel a 25 minute bike ride could do me a lot of good. Because it's truly fun. =)

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