Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missionary reawakening

Well... a lot has probably gone on since I've written. I won't try to catch up on everything right now, but I did want to mention that I have a new desire to do missionary work. Part of it was talking to the sister missionaries for a while during the Saturday Institute thing (the "When Thou Art Converted" conference). And we're gonna start doing visits again to the girls in our Relief Society, so I'm gonna feel tons better pretty soon here.

Not focusing on boys is going really well. I'm grateful the Lord let me know not to worry about it this semester. It helps a lot to know that I don't need to, and shouldn't, be thinking about it right now. Much better than wondering if I should be giving it more thought, and just being wavering and confused. So I'm grateful. I just prepare by learning how to better serve and do the Lord's will, and how to give Him my whole heart, might, mind, and soul.

Trying to have faith that being 25 will be at least as awesome as being 24! I only have a few days left... =) So much incredible stuff has happened this year. 24 was epic, but 25 will be, as I've said before, amazingly beautiful. =)

One more thing I want to mention is that the Spirit of Elijah is working on me. The rest of life feels like an interruption from doing my family history work... I have a lot of excitement for doing descendency research and finding people to do the work for. It's going to be great. =)

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